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Critical Update for Bonjour Print Services on Windows 7

July 2022. In 2019 a ransomware hole was found in old versions of the Apple Software Updater apparently installed with the Bonjour Print Services Bonjour bundle. The bundle, which provide zero configuration driverless printing on local networks, also includes an outdated version of Bonjour itself. If you download this today Apple still installs the vulnerable programs unless more recent versions have already been installed. A fix is to install iTunes for Windows, as of July 2022 the latest for Windows 7. It's at support.apple.com/kb/DL2065. It's a 201 megabyte download and takes forever to install, but it does the job of updating both the outdated Bonjour and the vulnerable Apple Software updater.

The Details

SUMo by KC Softwares is a really handy utility that scans your computer to tell you about available software updates you have not applied. When I finally determined to update things, it disclosed that there was an important update for Bonjour, purportedly from to

I had indeed long ago installed Apple's Bonjour Print Services on my Windows 7 laptop. It's really handy if you take the laptop somewhere to have driverless printing available on that local network.

Windows control panel uninstall disclosed that actually I had Bonjour and Bonjour Print Services The files showed the older Bonjour MDNSResponder.exe was dated 2011-08-31 and the Bonjour Print Services PrinterWizard.exe was dated 2010-05-18. In all, my Windows control panel uninstall list showed this Apple software:

The outdated Bonjour concerned me. Was the update a security patch? There's scant information. But the research brought up something quite alarming. Old versions of Apple Software Update, which SUMo didn't mention, were being actively exploited to install ransomware until Apple fixed it with iTunes for Windows 12.10.1 (Shaikh 2019).

Shaikh, Rafia. 2019. Attackers Are Exploiting an Apple iTunes-Zero-Day Bug to Install Ransomware. wccftech.com. Oct. 11.

Oddly, Apple is still offering the old Bonjour Print Services for Windows still bundled with the old software despite the ransomeware hole. That's huge and makes it worthwhile to install iTunes for Windows 7 just to get that component updated. And iTunes includes the update to Bonjour. As of July 2022, iTunes for Windows is the latest for Windows 7. I found it at support.apple.com/kb/DL2065. It's a 201 megabyte download. After the minutes long install completed, there changes were evident in Windows control panel uninstall:

It took me hours and hours to discover that Apple does have an iTunes for Windows 7 and that installing it would update Bonjour and also plug that rather frightening ransomware hole. For reference, my Bonjour for Windows is now (MDNSResponder.exe 2015-08-12).

Call me paranoid, but you can't be too careful when the world really is out to get you and the giant corporations couldn't care less.

Am I wrong? Feel free to send a comment.

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