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Windows 7: Monthly Defrag Breaks Task Scheduler

August 2022. Symptom: You start the task scheduler. These dreaded messages appear:

The selected task "(0)" no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh. OK?

Task Scheduler is not available. Task Scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it. OK?

If you start disk defragmenter, you have options to set a schedule and choose what drives to defragment. You should not defragment solid state drives. That will shorten their life. But mechanical drives will definitely benefit.

Problem: You may get the above error if you set a monthly defrag schedule (Alien Technology 2015).

Alien Technology. 2015. Re: The selection task "{0}" no longer exists. To see the current tasks, click Refresh. superuser.com. June 10. Available at superuser.com/questions/898461/.

Solution: Execute the less than perfect solution: change the automatic scheduling to weekly, even though it's overkill. Just make sure it's after midnight so it doesn't affect computer use.

Comment: Apparently, nobody at Microsoft ever does their homework. Defrag offers monthly as an option. But they clearly didn't test it. If you set it, it breaks your task scheduler with a message giving no clue of the true cause. Why do computer companies get to ship products this defective and never ever fix them? It's as if they wanted to cause financial loss, pain and suffering. Like it was cute. Yes, I'm aggravated. It took three days to track this down. He descended into Hell. On the third day he rose again from the dead. I'm not supposed to have to follow suit. I wonder if this awful bug has survived through Windows 8, 10, and 11?

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