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Local Juneau Radio Stations (2022);

2022. The buttons list each station and most open its web player. Web players draw down your cell or Internet data and won't work during areawide Internet or power outages.


Mostly FM/AM

FM only

Why this page?

No genuine local FM radio app is available for my 2021 Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Android smartphone. There is one on my 1999 Nokia 2.2. The Nokia taught me that the ability to instantly tune to local FM stations without having to browse the web is too convenient to be without. I can't write a genuine FM tuner to do this, but I can simulate it. Unlike the real thing, this simulation uses streaming data and will not work when the web is down. It's better than nothing, but it is frustrating to not have the real thing.

But the Samsung smartphone is reported as having an FM chip (). GSMArena.com. 2021. Samsung Galaxy A32 5G . GSMArena.com. (Archive.org copy via TinyURL.) Reportedly the issue isn't hardware. It's claimed that Samsung has simply chosen to not provide the software to use it in North America, or at least Canada (). Forum.XDA_Developers. 2020. Where is the Samsung FM Radio App called 'Radio'? XDA_Developers.com. (Archive.org copy via TinyURL.) This is despite an FCC request that SmartPhone makers activate FM radio for emergency reasons (). Reuters. 2017. FCC says Apple should activate iPhones' FM radio chip, but newer phones don't have. Reuters, 28 September. Apple responded that their then newer models (iPhone 7/8) lack the chips. (Archive.org copy via TinyURL.) For a time, people could use the cross-brand NextRadio app, which included an FM tuner. But it hasn't been updated since January 2, 2019 (). Play.Google.com. 2021. Play.Google.com 2021> NextRadio Free Live FM Radio. Play.Google.com, 12 November. (Archive.org copy via TinyURL.) Furthermore, it does not work on Android 11 (). Forums.AndroidCentral.com. 2021. If you use NextRadio, don't update to Android 11. Forums.AndroidCentral.com, 11 May. (Archive.org copy via TinyURL.)

Alas, the Nokia 2.2 4G/LTE phone is among the phones 'more than a few years old' that the FCC says won't even be able to call 911 after December 31, 2022. The drop-dead date for AT&T and its subsidiary Cricket is February 2022. (). FCC. 2021. Plan Ahead for Phase Out of 3G Cellular Networks and Service . FCC, 28 October. (Archive.org copy via TinyURL.) The FCC's view is interesting, considering that the Nokia 2.2 wasn't even released until June 11, 2019. Since when is something not even three years old more than a few years old?

This page simulates the FM Radio Samsung lacks. As noted, I can't make an actual app to use the FM chip. But I wanted an app with instant access to local stations without having to browse the web. At least I now have that.

Firewalls. If you're trying to listen behind a firewall, some stations can't be played unless the station port is opened. As of March 1, 2022 these are 8277 (KSUP); 18124 (KJNO); 18444 (HAWK); and 18196 (KX(X)J). Alas, port numbers may change at any time.

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