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Self Install Venetian Blinds? Maybe Not.

November 18, 2016. Everybody knows that Venetian aluminum mini blinds are a strangulation hazard, but it's not only children at risk. Homeowners trying to follow the badly written installation instructions may go off the deep end too. Easy to install? I don't think so.

My example is a problem window 36 inches wide. Getting wider blinds for outside mounting wasn't practical because it would interfere with things pushed up against the wall. But does anybody offer premade inside mount blinds exactly 36 inches wide? Of course not. The closest is 35 inches. Only it isn't. The blinds that arrived were actually only 34.5 inches wide. But I ordered 35 inches. I check the website. Oh vexation. Smaller print did disclose that the exact size is 34.5 inches. Why do you advertise one size and deliver a different size?

The dual language instructions are not a model of clarity, leave many questions unanswered, and mislead one into mounting things quite incorrectly. So here is what the directions should have said, for inside mount when the blind is narrower than the window:

In this particular case, the guilty party is the Lotus Windoware 1 inch aluminum Mini Blind; Height:36in; width:35in; UPC:7-28164-22340-9. They're very nice blinds. But it seems that almost any do it yourself project like this is right out of the training program for the Matrix. It's designed to teach you one thing: you should never, ever do it yourself. But if you let somebody else put them up, what are the chances that they they will understand that the 'inner cord stop' beads are actually critical for safety, and that the bottom cleat for winding the cord around must not be merely out of reach of infants but at least as high as their parents are tall?

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