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 hp-eprint-instant-ink-bugs/2022. HP printer web services broken for many.
 play-juneau-radio/2022. Frequencies and station web players.
 read-g620uranus-geiger-counter/2022. But good for nothing?
 copy-aegis-data/2021. No factory reset required.
 refuse-gci-digital-phone/2021. Don't get mad. Get even.
 dangerous-antivirus/2020. Enablers of spying, disablers of apps.
 load-floppy-disk-files/2018-20. Read CP/M Kaypro II'83, 2/84 5.25in disks
 sue-microsoft-wanna-cry/2017-21. Pay MSFT's ransom to get the fix.
 setup-open-wifi/2016-21. Still many questions, few answers.
 make-lynx-acceptable/2016-21. Set user-agent L_y_n_x ....
 os2-access-cd-folders/2016-21. SYS0003 path not found on CD/DVD.
 os-2-detect-changed-cd-dvd/2016-21. Fix wrong CD/DVD directory.
 make-random-bytes/2016-21. Dubiously random bytes.
 diy-install-venetian-blinds/2016-19. Never do it yourself.
 os2-make-gpg-keys/2016-19. Catastrophically weak GPG keys in OS/2?
 complain-yahoo-breach/2016-17. Maybe the hackers will help?
 pmshell-fix-startup-hang/2015-16. Fix for boot CMD, wait 1min, PMShell hang
 javascript-make-canonical-url/2008-21. Avoid this like the plague.

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