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May 2017. This update to the April 2016 website directory list just changes to the now current names of the surviving or derivative websites and to the HTTPS version where available. Within each category the directories are still ranked per their 2016 standing, from the then most backlinks and pages to the least, with the best score in a group being 4.0. Browsing these directories is akin to browsing the yellow pages. A directory's search function is limited to the home page titles and descriptions plus directory posts and articles. The content of the individual pages on the included websites is not searched.

General Directories

Business to Business Directories

Specialized Directories

Rank - Estimated Importance

The rank, or estimated importance, expresses no judgment on the quality of a directory. It's simply computed from the number of links and pages reported by Google such that the first few links and pages have greater weight than the last many.

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