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P.O. Box 21693; Juneau, Alaska 99802; +1.907.586.1723 .

2017 updates

List-webpage-indexes. Because search engines can blacklist any page or site at any time for any reason.

List website directories. Because you might want to browse by topic or viewpoint instead of searching for a needle in haystack.

Refuse GCI Digital Local Phone Service. Why? You might be concerned about absent minded elders unplugging the box; about losing service in as little as 4 hours without power; about fax machine difficulties; about dialup modem issues, and so forth.

JavaScript to switch visitors to a canonical URL. Why you probably should not use this script.


A short letter to the editor opposing an ordinance to move the homeless from downtown doorways to a campsite in an avalanche zone: letter-homeless-ordinance. A five page opposition submitted to the assembly, reformatted for the web: comment-juneau-homeless-ordinance.

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Other Collections. Gregg.Juneau.AK.US - Was Dad's website. - My bookmarks. W-Gregg.Juneau.AK.US/oldindex - My old website, preserved because there are things not yet moved to this new one, and I don't want to break links from Google's index or bookmarks people have saved. I might be done with this before I move to a Pioneers Home. Or I might finish it then.

Author Blurb

I live in Juneau near my sisters and have six nieces and nephews, many of whom have their own children. And no, I will not send you money to get them out of jail. I enjoy family gatherings, within reason; walking; shortwave listening, music, reading, playing piano, and tinkering with computer and website coding. I have done elementary programming in Fortran (IBM 360); BASIC (CP/M MBASIC, IBM GWBASIC, OS/2 QBASIC); IBM Rexx (most platforms); and have, when unavoidable, dabbled with JavaScript. JavaScript now infects nearly every page on the web. NoScript, an add-on for the Firefox browser, is the best invention since sliced bread. NoScript. Don't browse the web without it. Work? My work is done. My lifetime hunting and fishing license has been obtained.

It's unclear that there's a good reason to note what was in the past, but I'm ripping most of this from my abandoned Google Plus profile, and who knows, it might come in handy some day. That actually means I should delete it forthwith, doesn't it?

☂ Caregiver.
I was the primary caregiver for my father, Douglas Gregg, until he moved to the Juneau Pioneer Home. Dad passed away in July 2015. Before then I helped Dad care for his second wife Anne, who moved to the Pioneer Home several years ago.
♎ Legal assistant; ✓ Bookkeeper and trustee.
After my mother Lily Gregg died in 1992, I became bookkeeper and legal assistant at Dad's law office and served as trustee of a trust established by Mom's Will.
✇ Data communications and ✆ Telecommunications.
Before the internet, I worked for the USDA Forest Service. There, I designed and helped build a high speed data communications network linking the Alaska Regional and Forest Supervisor's offices to the Big Computer at the Fort Collins Computer Center. It was the third largest Univac installation in the world and had the most users. High speed then was 4.8 kilobits a second. Dialup internet is 10 times faster. I also worked with computerized office telephone exchanges.
☇ Communications and Electronics.
I helped the Forest Service build the first mountaintop two-way VHF FM radio repeater system in Southeast Alaska. Fortunately, there were competent people to handle the mechanical side of things. There were dispatchers in Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, and Anchorage. You could stand on South Franklin Street in Juneau and speak with the Sitka dispatcher via repreaters at Windfall mountain south of Juneau, Moore Mountain across from Tenekee, and Elephant Mountain near Hoonah.
♆ Radio Maintenance.
Previously we used high frequency signal sideband radios, primarily on the 2512 kHz cannery channel, 4668 kHz aircraft channel, and the Forest Service's channel. These probably became boat anchors. However, I still have my vacuum tube checker.
¢ Clerk.
My first job was as a sales clerk in my grandmother Inez Gregg's Baranof Bookshop.
☿ International Morse Code.
Before there was texting, there was Morse Code. I learned it to pass my general class amateur radio exam (KL7HLP). I also wrote a program so my CP/M Kaypro could copy code.

There you have it. Everything you need to steal my identity. But who'd want to? Oh, wait, OPM already transmitted it to China; Premera already broadcast it to the world; and Yahoo has told me that they leaked a dossier on me even though I never actually had an email account there. What next? A notice from the NSA that someone has stolen all my data from them as well? I am probably the only person on the planet who doesn't know what's in my classified file.

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