Walter Gregg

You have arrived in the hallway. Doors lead out to rooms with unfiled essays scattered all over the floor. The doors are: 0: Generalities; 3: Social Issues; 6: Technical; 8: HTML notes; x: Other.

My theory is that Bing and Google will crawl into those rooms and index the papers, so that on the rare occasions one of them matches somebody's search, they'll be in the search engine results page.

Other Collections

Gregg.Juneau.AK.US - Was Dad's website. - I'd forgotten. Public bookmarks can avoid reliance on browser and search engine synch and works from everywhere without signing in. Should I use this again?

W-Gregg.Juneau.AK.US/oldindex - My old website, preserved because it was there and I didn't want to break links. I was thinking of doing something with it before I move to a Pioneers Home. Moving before doing is looking more likely, isn't it?

Author Blurb

I live in Juneau near my sisters and have six nieces and nephews, many of whom have their own children. I enjoy family gatherings, within reason; walking; shortwave listening (I hold a general class amateur radio license), music, reading, playing piano, and tinkering with computer and website coding. I have done elementary programming in Fortran (IBM 360); BASIC (MBASIC-CP/M; QBASIC-OS/2; GWBASIC-Win); IBM Rexx (most platforms); and have, when unavoidable, dabbled with JavaScript.

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